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Cobra Recovery Tow Links

Cobra Recovery Tow Links

Manufactured under licence by Cobra Projects, we offer a range of Recovery Tow Links which are used for towing disabled rigid load and haul dump trucks, behind a similar truck of sufficient size, in a safe manner, and include the following variations:

RTL - Recovery Tow Link 

The RTL enables the simple and safe towing of a disabled mining truck with another mining truck of sufficient size. In general, no modifications are required to either the towing or towed truck, so any suitable truck can be pulled from production for towing duties on short notice. With a total mass of 2.5 tonnes, the RTL can be installed using a lightweight crane in less than 20 minutes.

The RTL comprises three main elements, namely the Draw-Bar, the Axle Beam and the Bumper Beam. The Axle Beam attaches to the towing truck and the Bumper Beams attach to the towed truck. Each of these attaches with the installation of only two pins. The Axle Beam and Bumper Beam attach to the Draw-Bar using a single pin. Operators with mixed fleets can have several different Bumper Beams along with one Axle Beam and Draw-Bar to enable towing of a range of different trucks with a single RTL.

The disabled vehicle requires functioning steering and braking systems. Depending on the requirements of the particular truck, these systems can be powered using either a ‘buddy system’ from the towing truck, or via a separate Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) which Cobra can supply. 3 Configurations are available.

RTLT - Recovery Tow Link Trailer

The Recovery Tow Link Trailer (RTLT) is a towable version of the Recovery Tow-Link (RTL).This is the unpowered trailer style, towed by a light vehicle and raised and lowered via a manual hand pump.  This unit is installed without the aid of a crane, and is essentially the basic Recovery Tow Link with some additions to form a trailable unit.

The unit is attached to and towed by a light truck (trailer is 2.5 tonnes). The light truck reverses the trailer such that the Bumper Beam is approximately aligned with the disabled truck’s front bumper.  The light truck is detached and the towing truck is reversed into approximately the correct position for towing.  The light draw-bar is rotated and stowed under the RTL and the same hydraulic actuators are used to manipulate the Axle Beam into position.

With the RTL installed, the RTLT axle is raised hydraulically and locked into position for towing.

RTLT (APU) - Recovery Tow Link Trailer with Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)

The powered RTLT with APU serves the dual purpose of powering the trailer hydraulics and acting as the auxiliary power unit for the disabled truck.  The raising and/or lowering of the unit to the heights required for coupling is achieved hydraulically from the power pack on the unit.  Operator functions are done from a remote control.

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