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Fuel & Lube Mining Service Trucks

Articulated Fuel & Lube Mining Service Trucks | Rigid Frame Fuel & Lube Mining Service Trucks 

Designed specifically for the mining industry our SUPA LUBA fuel & lube mining service truck bodies deliver high flow rates of multi-products, including high volume grease transfer, directly to your essential production equipment, minimising service time of bottleneck machinery on site and optimising operational efficiencies.

As an OEM approved body builder, Cobra truck-mounted fuel & lube combinations are designed for both off-road articulated and rigid frame truck models, and custom engineered specifically for rugged off-road terrain. We offer self-powered, hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric driven options, along with a cloud-based reporting system that can be integrated with all recognised fuel management software systems. 

The lockable dust-proof hose reel cabinets feature an array of nozzles configured to customer requirements, and the dispensing units are clearly labelled for operator convenience. Dispensing meters are fitted for precise monitoring of fluid transfer rates. Cobra custom-designed 1 inch and ¾ inch 15m spring retracting hose reels are fitted to all our units as a standard.  Also available for heavy duty and alternative applications are Cobra 25m/30m pneumatic and 30m hydraulic hose reels options.

Our pumping equipment is subject to ongoing R&D and rigorous testing, with development projects centred around cleaner fuel delivery and faster transfer rates.  Levels can be monitored using either pressure transducers with digital displays/LED indicators, or via sight-glass level indicators. 

Our storage tanks are designed using the latest technologies, including 3D modelling and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software.  Fast Fill systems with pressureless auto shut-off are standard OEM fitment on all Cobra lube, service and diesel modules. Tank volumes, filtration, and pumping systems are fully customisable to customer specifications. 

An optional ancillary power unit (APU) can be fitted to eliminate the need for truck idle during operations and dispensing.  The APU will enter standby mode when dispensing functions are not in use, thus promoting fuel savings.

Boxed Fuel & Lube Units 

The unique design of our boxed fuel & lube units allows for the unit to be shipped in two containers, easily assembled on site, and ensures lower shipping costs and faster shipping time.  Our boxed units feature a low centre of gravity, are fully factory tested prior to disassembly, and are supplied with a self-assembly manual.  All other features and benefits of our regular fuel & lube units apply.

Detailed instruction manuals, specific to each type of installation, are readily available on Cobra's Online Customer Portal, to facilitate step-by-step assembly on site.

LITE Service Units

Cobra LITE service units provide smaller operations with a lower capital cost unit that offers reliable storage of multi-products and good flow rates.  Customised for fitment onto 4x2, 4x4, 6x4 and 6x6 chassis cabs, these units can be shipped in 20’ or 40’ containers, with the added benefit of lifting lugs for quick and easy fitment to the donor chassis cab on site.

We offer self-powered, hydraulic, pneumatic, or electric driven options, along with a cloud-based reporting system that can be integrated with all recognised fuel management software systems. 

Iveco Daily Field Service Trucks

This particular field service truck is suitable for daily support of lighting plants, cell towers, remote machines, and water pump stations. This module was specifically designed for the Iveco Daily chassis and offers full PTO hydraulic operation, multi-product dispensing, good flow rate of filtered product, and the additional option of QMW FOPS for underground safety.

Online Technical Support

Customer and unit specific service manuals are available to clients online.

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