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Induna Fire Rescue Pumpers

Induna Fire Rescue Pumpers to Customer Specification

Our European style medium-major firefighting units are adaptable for mounting on commercial 4x2 or 4x4 chassis, single or crew cab, and are specifically designed for the mining environment.

These truck bodies feature all aluminium superstructures, 5 locker compartments fitted with roller shutter doors, and slide out tracking for tools.   Single or dual Cobra hose reels hold hose lengths of up to 60m.

The Induna features a mild steel water tank up to 4,000L, a stainless-steel foam tank up to 500L, and a PTO driven rear mounted fire pump with single or multi stage up to 6000lpm. These units also offer around the pump foam proportioning systems.

Optional features include:

  • Bullbar and winch
  • Slide-in ladder compartment
  • Telescopic light mast or integrated scene lights (LED technology)
  • Driver-assist camera system
  • Manual/remote control deck monitor
  • Ground sweeps and under truck sprayer system
  • Complete range of fire and rescue equipment
  • GEN IV emergency warning system

Elkhart Brass

As the sole distributor of Elkhart Brass monitors, handline nozzles, and accessories, Cobra uses this brand exclusively across all our firefighting applications.

Online Technical Support

Customer and unit specific service manuals are available to clients online.

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