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Underground Mining Support Equipment

Mining Support Equipment for the Underground Mining Environment

Cobra's custom-designed underground water and service modules are suitable for mounting on the EPIROC MT2200, and both the Caterpillar AD30 and AD45 chassis.  Autonomous options are also available.

Underground Service Modules

Offering multi-product fuel and lube combinations, these units are available in both hoist-hydraulic or self-powered options.

‚ÄčUnderground Water Modules

These water modules feature directly coupled water pumps, rear and side spray configurations, and either front or rear mounted monitors.

Cobra hose reels are designed and manufactured by our sister company CobraTech, and are used exclusively across all relevant applications within this category.

Protective Structures

For surface operating vehicles all requirements are compliant with ISO 3449:2005 standards or equivalent. Although the same standards apply for underground mining environments, all FORCE requirements must be doubled in respect of vehicles operating under a non-supported roof.

Online Technical Support

Customer and unit specific service manuals are available to clients online.


Improved OEE

Dust control

Custom engineered

Time saving