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Water Carts

Cobra designs truck-mounted water carts/water bowsers for the mining industry that are adaptable to fit a range of off-road articulated and rigid frame OEM truck models, ranging in size from 18KL up to a remarkable 110KL SUPA TANKA.   

Extensive design, development and experience, provides a tank that can fill fast, has high corrosion resistance, a low centre of gravity, and heavy duty mechanical, hydraulic and electrical components.  The dynamic stability of Cobra‚Äôs water tanks has been verified through independent analysis and modelling.

Cobra truck-mounted tanks can be fully raised to assist truck maintenance, and a range of standard options enable users to customise the rig to meet their own specific requirements for lighting, access, machine washing, water cannons, foam fire systems, and a variety of other features.

ADE ECO Spray System

Our water tanks are fitted with the innovative ADE Electronically Controlled Operating (ECO) spray system to suppress dust and optimise water usage on mine roads.  Delivering consistent, measurable water coverage through the use of truck's GPS speed, the ADE ECO spray system supplies a precise amount of water to the road.  Road friction testing can be done by Cobra to determine the ideal amount of water to apply to each road surface.

The ADE ECO spray system comes standard with hydraulically activated spray heads, and has a directly coupled hydraulic water pump combination.  This spray system reduces potential safety incidents, prevents over-watering and also achieves substantial water savings for mine operators.

Online Technical Support

Customer and unit specific service manuals are available to clients online.


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Measurable water