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Water Wash Trucks

Rigid Frame Water Wash Trucks

Cobra has designed dedicated wash units suitable for mounting on both off-highway articulated and rigid frame chassis cabs, to rapidly and effectively prepare large machines for maintenance.  These trucks have the ability to simultaneously clean booms, tracks, platforms, and specific work areas by using multiple high-pressure and high-volume washing outlets.

These units feature both high and ultra-high-pressure washing functions, high- and low- level multi-reel functions, and specialised machine-washing options.  These units also have the capacity to offer firefighting options, including AFFF or CAF systems.

Cobra hose reels are designed and manufactured by our sister company CobraTech, and are used exclusively across all of our applications.

Elkhart Brass

As the sole distributor of Elkhart Brass monitors, handline nozzles and accessories, Cobra uses this brand exclusively across all our water carts and water wash units.

Online Technical Support

Customer and unit specific service manuals are available to clients online.


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Improved OEE

Minimise downtime

Water efficiency