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Diesel Bowsers | Diesel Tankers

Diesel Bowsers | Diesel Tankers

Cobra truck-mounted diesel bowsers, specifically designed for the mining industry, offer both high and low volume dual-flow dispensing from the same pump and filter arrangements to rapidly replenish the daily diesel consumed.

Our smaller units come at a lower capital cost, are ideal for smaller operations and easily and quickly installed, controlling diesel usage whilst offering the most effective means of refuelling. These smaller units can be shipped in 20’ or 40’ containers, facilitating easy onsite assembly and reduced shipping costs.

All units are equipped with quick change-out modular pump filter arrangements to minimise downtime in the event of breakdown and, when fitted with Fast Fill systems with pressureless auto shut-off, ensures rapid refilling at the tank farm. Water removal and diesel polishing options are also available.  

Cobra hose reels are designed and manufactured by our sister company CobraTech, and are used exclusively across all of our applications.

Each unit has level displays for daily fuel reconciliation, with optional SMS or internet notifications of dispensed volumes.

Online Technical Support

Customer and unit specific diesel tanker service manuals are available to clients online.

34,000 litre Diesel Bowser

High flow rates

Robust unit

Accounting control