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With safety and quality at the very forefront of our operations and new product development, the Cobra team has cultivated a safety- and quality- driven culture that extends to our people, our products, and our clients.

To protect drivers and passengers, Cobra manufactures, under license, the QMW range of ROPS and FOPS for HDV equipment, and tracked and trackless vehicles extending to dozers, dump trucks, front-end loaders, fork-lifts, back tractors, tow/service trucks, bobcats, and excavators.  The range has structural optimisation through the use of finite element analysis (FEA) and certified destructive testing, combined with ergonomic design techniques. Q-ROPS provide a lightweight, cost-effective and value adding solution, designed for maximum truck payload and full mine-compliance on any make and model of truck.

Q-ROPS feature both lower front-axle loading and lower wind resistance than competitors, enabling quick fitment either at the factory or on-site.   Optional features include a two-pack colour scheme to compliment company livery, mounting brackets for work lamps, beacons, collision avoidance systems (CAS), and fire extinguisher.

ISO | SANS | SAE | ECE Compliance

ISO 3164:2013

ISO 3449:2005

ISO 3471:2008

ISO 5700:2006

ISO 6683:2005

SANS 1563:2005

SAE J140

ECE Regulation No. 66

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